I already have a 210mm and 360mm that will cover 8x10. Neither will win a beauty contest and the 360mm Nikon is very tight on my 4x4 lens board but I'm okay for lens. Nice thing about process lenses sooner or later the person who outbid you the last time decides they can't figure out how to use the thing and resells it-)

What I really would like is an 8x10 with a 5x7 reducing back. Even better one with a 4x5 to. I skipped on a B&J wooden camera that would have been lighter then my 4x5 but it was missing parts. It still got pretty expensive. Aren't old floppy B&J supposed to be cheap-)

The 6x8 actually sounded like a nice format to contact print. I only really want the larger camera to contact print. But the longer I looked at the pictures the more it looked like a woodworking project. Even with the small pictures I could see missing parts. I was scared just how much needed to be replaced. Checking the completed auctions a seller actually tried to sell some 6x8 holders awhile back. No bids.