Yeah, with the Panoram that I had back in the 1990's, I used ASA 50 on bright days and 100 or 200 on overcast days. I just had to reckon it out for myself as to which film to use on "in-between" days. But, at least I had 2 speeds so I could bracket a little bit.

Now that I am back in the Panoram saddle again, I will have to relearn some of the techniques which I used as well as the characteristics of the specific camera(s) that I will be using. I think the slow speed B&W has pretty broad exposure range and is most forgiving of cameras with crude speed control. Actually I had good luck with color film too, except that it seemed that the slowest that I had was 200 speed, so I only used it on not so bright days. I suppose I could have made a small slip-on ND filter that I could put on the lens when it was too bright, but I never tried that.