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Similar topic: Help identifying 620 "Panchro, Made in Italy, in blue foil packs".

Someone suggested Ferrania, probably identical (?) to Verichrome Pan.

Any ideas whose film, how old, etc?

Thank you

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The only film manufacturer in Italy (at least in recent decades) is Ferrania (it changed name a couple of times but has reverted to Ferrania now that it is no longer part of 3M.) So you can I think be 99% sure that it is made by them. They haven't made B & W film for quite some time so I suspect your film is at least 20 years old. It would be a different emulsion from Verichrome Pan as that was a Kodak product.

In a Focal Guide dating from 1974 there are 3 Ferrania B&W films listed:
P30 (80ASA), P33 (160ASA) & P36 (320ASA). If you wanted to develop it perhaps the safest thing would be to use one of those 2 bath developers where the time is the same for every type of film. If you could definitely identify the emulsion then maybe somebody somewhere could make a more definite suggestion.