I'm a newbie with a big question(s). In this month's Black & White Photography magazine there is an article by Michael Johnston wherein he states that finding the correct Film/Developer/Paper (FDP) combination for the kinds of prints you find attractive will make it relatively easy to print images. He says that by getting this combination right you have a lot less "work" to do in the darkroom. My mouth watered at the prospects of a good deal less wrestling in the darkroom. By "find attractive" he means ones that have shadows and highlights to your personal liking but also a wide rich range of mid-tones

He went on to say that Phil Davis has developed software called Plotter/Matcher (sold at www.viewcamerastore.com) that will predict good FDP combinations. The problem is that you have to supply the data which is very exacting and time consuming.

I am pretty well set on one of two films i.e. Ilford Delta 100 or FP4. I presently use D76 at 1:1 and Ilford multigrade, warm tone paper, though I have used Forte warm tone paper in the past. I shoot both in 35mm and with a Mamyia 645E.

My main shooting interest is portraits.

My question, (well, finally I can hear some of you saying) does anyone have data for the best FDP combination using one of the films I mentioned above? Let's leave aside my personal tastes for the time being, that being trumped by 'easier'.