Hi everybody

So, after reading through the forums for over a year, it's really time to get involved now.
First step : Present yourself properly !

Well then, here I am, my name is Joerg, I live in the southwest of Germany and for my own pleasure,
I do b&w landscape photography.
Photography started about 25 years ago when my father lent me his Nikon F2. He told me the basics, I bought a
lens and off I went. But THE major boost came when, following of AAs' death, I, out of curiosity, purchased
two of his books - I saw for the first time what landscape photography could be. Since then though,
AA has lost much of his appeal to me and if today I had to point out a single photographer I truly like,
it would be Fay Godwin, so you know a bit in what direction my interests are.
Equipmentwise I've gone up and down through the formats and I finally settled on medium format, it just
suits me so well. And yes ... there's still that F2 I've got on loan.

Cheers to all