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Of all of the dyes made only a few passed muster and made it into products. Kodak produced over 2000 new emulsions each year but only about 20 made it into a new product. The same is true of dyes. That is about 1% so I did not deal with many dyes. Paul is the one that dealt with all of them AFAIK except for the chemists who made them!

As for Bill's comment, I think he has covered it well. You both know as much as I do, but Paul knows much much more. You met Paul at the ICIS meeting, and in fact he introduced you to me! Ask him if you need more information.

Very good response Ron.

It is true that very few actually made into common use.
I don't doubt for one second that the best could have been very well kept secrets. We do appreciate your guiding us around the pitfalls,
especially in such cases as this, where code names are in still in frequent use and we really are forced to... yea, work in the dark.

Several days ago I noticed that the product number you quoted did not appear on their website, so I knew something was wrong... since Bill had said he had bought that dye I thought it wise to confirm before he opened it, that they had not sent him the wrong dye... just today you mentioned that the name and curve you obtained from them were labeled differently and in addition to all this... I have detected changes in their homepage over the last 18 hours as well.

So, would you like to hear the News from Lake Wobegon... ?