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Iíve seen a nice dishwarmer for sale in Silverprint and am thinking of getting one. My darkíshedí can get quite cold and keeping lith developer up to temp is a real pain.

Iíve a (probably silly) question to ask about the use of a dishwarmer. As its an electrical device, working close to water/liquid, is there a danger of an electric shock from it? Should it be used with a RCB?

Well, it's an earthed device, which provides a high level of protection as long as your wiring is in order. But an isolation device would be a good extra precaution. Truly abused ones in community darkrooms have given up the ghost, however in 3 decades of selling these, and similar ones we've never had a case of anybody experiencing a shock.

The best arrangement is probably to keep it on duckboards raised away from the bottom of the sink, and give it a good wipedown after use.