Thanks for all the suggestions. I started developing my film from Moab last night, and so far the wd2d negs look alright, I can't see any streak. Previously I think I was being careless and only agitating for 5-10 sec every 30... not 15 every 30, so maybe that was the problem. I am going to try distilled water also.
Gainer- after looking at my other prints with the streak I noticed that it isn't always in the same spot, but it is the same shape of streak. But it usually starts on an edge and moves to the middle. The streak in the sunflower photo was in the sky, and some of the others were over the subject matter.
titrisol- the instructions that come with the developer recommend a 2min presoak, and they also say that WD2D+ can be used with both roll and sheet films.
I'm going to try the distilled water, maybe that and more agitation will solve it... we'll see. -Grant