I think some people don't know to always start with the View New Posts button, which of course makes it easier to see what's "current". I made that mistake myself for a long time.

Also, my question is about paper and developer, not film too.

And, Peter38, I use pyro developer for everything, but originally I used it specifically for portraits because of how it separated delicate highlights. I thought that meant smooth upper tones in general, which it seems to. But an added benefit is that it and a silver rich film like HP5 or Bergger together make for a much longer, richer range, meaning much more subtle detail out of what would just turn black in other films, plus those delicate highlights. If you're serious about experimenting with chemistry and films, you should try it. Although since you're shooting small formats you might consider FP4 for the better grain. Also, PMK pyro hides the grain by adding stain between grains, which makes for a particularly visible difference in grain between pyro-developed 35mm and rollfilm, and most other developers.