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But at least the cut film adapters are standard: any 9x12cm sheath will fit in ant 9x12cm plate holder.
...with the happy exception of the Kodak combination holders, which (1) don't need a sheath at all, and (2) fit Voigtlaender cameras (and the various compatible ones) nicely. There seem to be a fair number of them around in both the 9x12 and 6.5x9 sizes, I suppose originally associated with Kodak's Recomar plate cameras.

The Recomars, and the Nagel Fornidars that preceded them, are also very nice cameras, and a whole lot cheaper than a Bergheil. The lenses aren't on par with Heliars---they seem mostly to be Xenars relabelled as "Kodak Anastigmat", but Xenars are perfectly good lenses, and the cameras command no particular price premium, I suspect because a lot of people see "Anastigmat" and assume it means "triplet".