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I've thought about a sort of pinhole slip on lens cap in order to get some more depth of field. It would be nice to have something that works as an smaller aperture.
There was a posting on one of the panoramic photography sites a couple years ago that showed a very nice shot of the San Francisco Bay bridge in focus from near to far taken with a no 1 Panoram. The photographer made up some aperture reducing inserts to insert into the front of the lens "shade" out of snug fitting rubber faucet washers that had various sized pieces of thin aluminum glued on with holes made with common drill bits. I've tried this. Removing the faucet washers is a challenge. I can't say much for my results because I think my lens may be out of register with the film plane from when the "bellows" material was changed. Checking focus is not easy on one of these. It sits on the shelf waiting for motivation or a trip to Ken Ruth