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From the few I've come across I was under the impression that the Formidar's & Recomar's either had Nagel-Doppel Anastigmat f/4.5 135mm, Nagel Laudar f4.5 135mm, and later Kodak Anastigmatic f4.5 135mm's and alternatively the top versions having Tessar or Xenar f4.5 135mm lenses.
I've been trying to research these lenses a little bit, and as far as I can tell there's a lot of confusion, but it does seem to be pretty certain that Nagel-werk never made lenses---anything labelled "Nagel-Doppel Anastigmat" is a lens sourced from someone else and rebranded, as are many of the Kodak Anastigmats.

The Vade Mecum doesn't have much light to shed, but thinks that at least some 105mm Nagel Anastigmats on 6x9 folders were triplets.