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NT, a lot of the 9x12 camera manufactures offered cheap lenses that they probably bought in branded for them. The cheapest lenses were triplets, the Nagel Ladar may be one, the Nagel-Doppel Anastigmat f/4.5 135mm was probably a just a run of the mill Anastigmatic.
I dunno. The whole history of Nagel/Kodak AG is a bit strange and unclearly documented; it seems to be very widely thought that the "Kodak Anastigmat" lenses on the Duo Six-20 (which was also made in the Nagel factory) were rebadged Xenars (there's a lot of discussion of this possibility at <http://photo.net/classic-cameras-forum/00FVVo>).

With the earlier Nagel-branded lenses, I don't think anyone has an authoritative history of what came from where.

The only really decent 9x12 lenses are sold under the lens manufacturers own name (...)
That seems like too strong a statement to me. You're not saying "no Xenars were ever rebranded", are you?

At some point I'll try to take a really close look at the "Nagel" lens on my 9x12 Fornidar. My feeling is that it handles bright lights too well to be a triplet, but maybe it's just a really good one.