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I need the resulting images to be of sufficient quality to use professionally if they are good enough i.e. image libraries, magazines etc.
This above line is the sticker for me.

If I had a nickel for every pro travel kit that I've read about that eclipse your intended kit by a factor of 5 I'd be a rich man. My feeling is that either you go with the intention of creating images as a pro and for sale or you go as a tourist with something smaller to remind you of the experience. Not everyone can take a trip like this, and if travel method (ship?) can provide you with a place to store stuff I'd personally be taking the kitchen sink along as well. If your backpacking it, that's another story.

Personally if I was taking just one lens, and that would never happen, it would be a top of the line wide to medium telephoto in a 35mm slr system. Something in the 35mm to 120mm FL range or thereabouts. I prefer a wide and a short telephoto lens, you may like normals lenses and longs, who knows, your pick. A body or system choice is the big one. Pro's take bodies and multiple lenses, travelers take a camera. For such a trip I'd have to consider a MF camera although I don't like them. A compromise would be the rangefinder for the documentary work if about the people and a MF camera with a wide (and maybe a medium) for the landscapes. Landscapes are broad subjects and you need to pull detail which a MF camera will give you. It's a hard choice really and much depends on the travel arrangements. Thinking about it for a second, and for a one camera kit, probably a Pentax 645 NII and 3 lenses. The internal metering would do it for me and the lenses top rate. On trips I either go to shoot or go to travel. The choice dictates the kit for me. Luck with your choice.