jdef, if I were you before I got bogged down buying all these chemicals I would try using azo with Ethol's LPL, if you like what you see then spend the money to buy the Amidol for those prints you really want to shine. I doubt very much you will be making 40 prints so the developer activity should not be an issue with you. If it is all you have to do is add an antioxidant and it will make it last longer. EDTA is the most common, but there are others you can use. So this way you try as many negatives you have with LPL and then when you have enough to make a printing session with Amidol then you can go ahead and mix it.
I am sure if you decide to stick with Azo as you become more expirenced you will find ways to make things work for you. There is really nothing magic or special about azo, that cannot be done with masks on regular enlarging paper or with POP.