Its been great to read everyone's comments, thanks for the interest. To answer a few queries, I will be taking a manual camera as intend to go a bit off the beaten track in places and dont want to worry about the batteries dying on me. I do have an old pentax digital spotmeter which I am considering taking to help me with the metering for landscapes, it has a belt holster and is quite lightweight. Having given it some thought I will be opting for the wider 40mm instead of the 50mm i originally intended taking and will probably go for a 75mm as well depending on how much Ive got left in the kitty.

One more question I would ask you learned fellows is whether you would trust your developing to labs or would you wait and develop the film yourself? I'm not thrilled about the idea of carrying chemicals but if I must so be it. If it makes any difference I will be shooting soley b+w.