One more question I would ask you learned fellows is whether you would trust your developing to labs or would you wait and develop the film yourself? I'm not thrilled about the idea of carrying chemicals but if I must so be it. If it makes any difference I will be shooting soley b+w.[/QUOTE]

Depends on countries you will visiting, how long will be staying at each location, and where you will staying, hotel, hostel, other accomdations, and your budget. Most large 1st and 2nd world cities will have good local labs, you may want to shot 35mm B@W C 41 and have the negatives developed at a mimi lab then either scan or print once you are back home. Developing on the road is doable, you need to tank large enough for the number of rolls you plan to shoot in a day, a changing bag, in some cities distilled water, and a supply of chemicals. I use to carry Dinafine and standard fixer in the quart sizes, a small bottles of photoflow. Buy glass quart beer bottles, (cheap- easy to clean and of course you need make sure the beer does not go to wast) to store the developer and fixer, use at any temp, shoot TriX at 1600, no stop bath. Dump it before I move on along and toss the bottles, meaning more beer. I have not seen Dinafine in quart sizes in a few years, but it does show up on ebay.