Steve, I think this is happening in Connecticut, yes? (sorry, I looked a little and just can't pinpoint where). I'd give a whole lot to be there, even if the only reason for going were to give Monty McCutchen a grateful hug... but Ted's family is coming in from *The Four Corners* that weekend, and it's going to be impossible to fit coming down into what's going to be a busy visit.

But (and I hope this isn't inappropriate, it's meant strictly with the best of intentions)... I have about 20-30 Tara frames here, of various sizes, colors, and materials, that Ted kept on hand to prep his own work for showing. Selling them makes no sense to me, because I don't want to ship them anywhere... they're very nice frames, most still in the original packing in which they arrived... but I'm so up to my ears with trying to sell the "big" equipment that these will sit there for another year if they take their necessary place on my priority list.

So, I'd like to just offer them to artists close enough by to come look at them and take what they can use to frame their own work, particularly anyone who is exhibiting at the Cancer benefit... and would just ask that, instead of paying me for the frames, they make a donation when they're with you, in whatever amount they feel the frames are worth.

The reason I thought this might be of interest (and, I hope, helpful) is that they're here for your artists to look at, "try on," etc. I remember how Ted used to agonize trying to figure out from a website how a frame would look around a print, and maybe "trying them on" would help someone feel a little more confident than ordering them and hoping for the best.

So... something of a vague offer, but perhaps you, Gene, Whitey, others might get the word out to those exhibiting that the offer is "out there"? I'm at

Thanks, and all the best for the benefit.