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I'm still curious about the reason to sell Xtol in 5 liter packages, when all the other Kodak developers are sold by the gallon. Is the 5 liter volume a perfect fit for some kind of processor, or something?

No, I think it is because the rest of the world uses the metric system! Its the gallon sized pack which is the oddity if anything. I find it incredible that the imperial system is still in use....

FWIW, I find the constant fears Xtol failure silly. One hears about people wittering on about something that happened with a 1l pack 8 years ago when people know the history to the issue and its solution.

My work space averages about 24-6 degs C. I keep my Xtol in brown plastic (detta) bottles and it lasts 6 months. It has even lasted 5 months in half full bottles. Just test some on a leader and if after a 3-5 mins or so the leader darkens nicely you know the dev is still nice and active. If you cannot get thru 5 litres in 6 months then you need to shoot more film!