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Not that I can really afford it but a leica would draw a little too much attention and I dont want to be looking over my shoulder the whole trip. The bessa seem a much more discreet camera.

I don't think thieves the world over are looking for Leicas on a regular basis and your concern is more paranoia than not. But any camera can become a target.
I also like the 40mm focal length over 35 or 50 although mine is on a Pentax KX.
If you do get a Leica and want the 40mm range, the Rokkor (CL or CLE version) lens is a wonderful little lens at a very affordable price. Theionly difference between the two is that the Leica (CL) version is single coated and the Minolta (CLE) version is multi-coated. Noticable difference between the two is negligible, with the rational nod going to the CLE lens if you're shooting color. The other difference - the one that creates the price gap - is that one says Leica and one says Minolta. The price difference alone makes it worth getting the Minolta, unless you just "need" to have the word Leica on it. Combine this with the fact it's mult-coated and for me it's a no-brainer.

It's not a Summicron by any stretch, but there are times I prefer it to my 50mm, f/2 'Cron.

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