a glycin developer, excellent for stand development, popular from the early 20th century (reference Cassell's Cyclopedia of Photography and Anchell & Troop)

hot water (125F / 52C) 500ml
sodium sulfite 165g
glycin 135g

mix well - takes some time to get all the glycin to dissolve
then add

potassium carbonate, crystaline 625g
water to 1000ml

This makes a thick, creamy stock solution with great shelf life (I have used year old stock with no problems). When diluting for use, I have found that I must use distilled water or else I end up with a cloudy solution that gives uneven results (I assume there is something in my tap water that reacts with the chemistry). Distilled water gives a clear pinkish solution (kind of looks like gasoline) that is a wonderful stand developer.

Suggested starting points for use:
diluted 1:30 for 10 minutes with minimal agitation for Efke PM50

I particularly like this for roll films:
diluted 1:55 for 45 minutes, agitate for first minute, then leave it alone; after 45' a 30 second water rinse, then fix.