Yesterday I had a quote to coat a 135mm Eurynar lens, the minimum cost was $195 per surface, this lens has 8 air-glass surfaces so that's not even remotely practical. Maybe only the air-glass surfaces facing the light source actually need coating.

John Van Stelten from Focal Point was very helpful in his reply indicating that each surface wood need repolishing to remove oxidation etc, any cemented elements would need to be split, old cement removing etc. He also said it "We do this as a repair and it is far too expensive to coat an entire lens system"

Being rather more realistic I remembered coming across someone who had his old lens coated (he may have done it himself) at an opticians lab, using the coating process used for spectacles (glasses).

Has anyone tried this. A lens like the Eurynar would be ideal as the elements aren't cemented, and they suffer badly from low contrast due to this.

Is there a tame optical technician on APUG ?