I've been trying to find a way to haul my 11x14 system into the field and came upon something I had not realized was right in front of me.
I have been using a rolling tool case that I got from Harbor Freight for $15.00 but with my style of work it was a PITA to go to far.
I have an extra Large Kelty external frame pack that I was going to use with my 8x10 system but I decided I liked my REI pack better.
Looking at the Kelty this morning I realized that if I took off the internal "U" shaped post the bag could expand much more (DUH!!!) I put my entire 11x14 system with 5 lenses, 2 holders and the rest of my stuff in this thing! I'll have to weight it but my guess is about 40-45 lbs.
I'm going to the Redwoods next month and I was trying to find a way to take my 11x14 into thew woods. Success! If anyone wants pictures just let me know.