The other major usage (from many weddings) of the disposables is toys for the guest's kids. I've seen so damn many of those point-and-shred cameras given by some guest to their kids to keep them busy. I'd see fingers in front of flashes, lenses, kids with the cameras in their mouths, etc.

Keeps the kids busy, but in the end, only a few images actually are on the film.

Aggie, it is interesting seeing guests taking "souvenirs" from weddings. I don't get it, why do guests take the candles, cameras, tableclothes (yes, seen that), etc?

The other thing that is hilarious is seeing the couple give their video camera to their 6 year old kid to shoot with. I see the kid holding the camera, aim the lens to the ground, and running through the (dark) reception.

It's like APS film, only good for one thing...which is non-photographic...a toothbrush cover. Cut a slit into the end of the lid, and shove a toothbrush in it for hiking. I always get asked when I'm doing a 5-day hike, "you're shooting an APS camera on this trip?" "Nope, just wanna keep the dirt off of my toothbrush."