Using US Patent April 27, 1926 No. 1,582,050 by James A. Johnson I made the print below.

I used Haloid Industro expired in 1946. This is a contact paper that I have not been able to print without some fog in other developers.

Here is the formula used

Soak paper in a 3% solution of Potassium Iodide for 2 minutes.
Washed in running water for 3 minutes.

Soaked in the following mixture for 5 minutes
2% solution of Metol
8% solution Sodium Sulfite

Hung to dry in a darkroom.

After the paper has been soaked in the Iodide it will become insensitive to light even when dry. The paper will be light sensitive after soaking in the developer solution when it is dry not before.

When dry I printed in a contact printer with a 85w light bulb 2Ē away from the paper. I exposed the print until the paper not covered by the negative looked to be at D-max. I then washed the print in water to stop exposure.

There is a lot more information in the patent. It is easily found though Google Patents.

Ií donít know if this would work with papers that incorporate a developer in the emulsion. But it might be worth a try. I think this could be worked a little to get a better contrast out of it. It might be that this paper is this flat and a negative with more contrast should be used.