Ian, this mob in Tasmania has been the duck's guts for odds and sods for years.

We (previous work) sent a lens that had been terribly rubbed on the front element after travelling for about 1,000 kilometres in a wooden box over corrugated dirt roads. It looked like throw away item. We sent it to this place and it came back with a new coating on the front element. They may have polished it as well, but it was far cheaper than anything else we considered by a long shot, plus it worked.

I believe at the time, they coated our lenses in their vacuum chamber coating thingy. Heavens knows what they have these days, but they are well known for doing all sorts of wonderful things around the world.


You should check out the products page, scroll down to near the end and read about their optical coatings, there is an email click just there, so you can get a quote.

Worth a try!