I have a box of FX-2 film developer (contains glycin) that I'm wanting to try for stand development. In the mixing instructions for Stock Solution A, it's stated that:
"Add a pinch of the sodium sulfite".
However, there is no mention of when the rest of it goes into the solution. Does it go in last after the Metol, and the Glycin has been dissolved?

Also, when making the working solutions, for both versions with development with agitation and stand development, it suggests on the final line to add 500 ml Water, or 1,000 ml water to make a 0.5 liter or 1 liter solution. I'm just making sure, as I'm a believer in 'there are no stupid questions' thing - but hopefully that means to add water to bring the total volume to 500 and 1,000 ml respectively???

Where can I get syringes to measure up 1/10ml accuracy???

Recipe from Photographer's Formulary:

Chemical Amount
Distilled Water (32 C/90 F) 900 ml
Sodium sulfite, anhydrous 70 g
Metol 5 g
Glycin 15 g
Distilled Water (32 C/90 F) water to make 1000 ml

Place 900 ml of water in the brown storage container, or in a mixing container. Add a pinch of the sodium sulfite.
This small amount of sulfite minimizes the initial oxidation of the metol. If more sulfite is added at this time the
metol will not dissolve. Add the metol to the solution and stir until dissolved. Add each chemical in the order
given, being sure each one is completely dissolved before adding the next. Glycin sometimes goes into solution
rather slowly, so be sure it is mixed thoroughly before adding the rest of the water. Finally, add water to bring the
total volume in the container up to 1000 ml and stir to ensure the solution is mixed thoroughly.

Chemical Amount
Distilled Water (32 C/90 F) 800 ml
Potassium Carbonate, anhydrous 123 g
Distilled water to make 1000 ml

Add the water to the storage container followed by the carbonate. Cap and shake the container to dissolve the
solid. Add water to bring the final volume up to 1000 ml. Cap and invert the container several times to ensure the
final solution is mixed thoroughly.