I recently realized that the HCA formula I've been using for some years (for prints) isn't in my list of HCA formulas that I show in my spreadsheet compilation.... I can't recall where I got it but remember in testing back then, that it was effective and I trust it. I had simply listed the recipe on the bottle that I mix it to. Does this look familar to anyone?

For 1 liter, diluted 1:9 for use.

Sodium Sulfite 200g
Sodium Bisulfite 40g
Sodium Citrate 10g
EDTA Tetra Sodium Salt 10g

I really shouldn't be too paranoid about this but I'm usually quite thorough in my record keeping and realize that I don't seem to have a trail on this one like I should. The recipes that I have are varied and generally show quite a bit less Sodium Citrate and EDTA if they are included at all. Lacking a concrete source now has me second-guessing my label recipe. Any thoughts?