CompnTemp Kit Trial Offer.

I have a few items left over from my vendor booth at photo conference and have decided to package them together for a trial offer for the CompnTemp Compensating developing timer software.
It is a four-week trial of the system. The cost is $250 for the system and you would get: the CompnTemp Software version 1.1, a Vernier Go!Temp Temperature probe, Delcom USB foot switch, Ross probe clamp and either the red plastic or a Kodak safelight filter for the monitor*. Everything you need, except the computer, to run the CompnTemp compensating developing timer.

If after using for four weeks, you donít feel it meet your needs you can send it all back (delete the software) and I would refund your money ($250). If you like the software but want to buy the hardware for yourself Iíll refund 250-85 = $ 160, once I receive all the hardware back.($100-120 is what youíd pay retail for the hardware with out shipping costs). Payment can be via paypal or other payment methods.

More details on the timer are on the web here: including links to the hardware venders.

Contact me if you are interested and we can arrange the details.

*As with any new light source in the darkroom, you should do your own film/paper fog test with the timer and your computer before you develop.