Orlando drivers are the worst. I've grown up hearing that Rhode Island drivers were the worst but Orlando has them beat by far. And they don't even have a Thurber's Ave. Death Curve exit, or a section of I-195 where three lanes of traffic squeeze together and turn left and right like a snake.. If you've driven through, you'll know what I mean. And every time you drive by, you'll look at the divider (they paint them white once a month I swear) and how it's colored black from all the cars grinding against it.

Went to Colonial Photo, it was dirty indeed. Kind of depressing but oddly enough it was busy. People buying digicams. Bought some Forte paper at a reasonable price. They had some esoteric offerings as far as chemistry goes..
The guy at the counter was nice, informed me that some people from Brazil visit there to buy some supplies. He also said they were one of the last places in the south east..