Her work is very interesting. You can get a bit of information on her on the google search and if you are female you can sign up for her class at the Sante Fe Workshop Series. Her technique has a wonderful feel that only women photographers seem to be able to get.

There are many styles and ways to photograph but photography from a womans point of view is very often quite different from a man's. Very often it has the softer more romantic approach than the direct or blantant approach used by males. I often marvel at that. I'ts not always the case but in general I think it is. Even when males shoot soft focus and a more romantic shot they still don't seem to get that female touch.

On another thread here I once stated that I saw a Playboy series where one person was photographed by something like six different photographers. The styles were incredibly diverse in how they perceived the model. Unfortunately they didn't use any women photographers. Too bad, I'm sure it would have been better.

I wonder what others here think about the female perspective of photography.

Michael McBlane