I guess I must be a little nosy. I'm interested in everyone's history with alt processes; my basic questions are:

When did you start? How did you get to where you are today?
What process is your main interest and activity?
Why do you do an alt process?

I can go first.

In December 1976 the Swiss magazine Camera published an issue on "Photography and American History". That issue started my interest in old photographs. I began to read and look at old photos in a different light. Bill Crawford's "Keepers of Light" really grabbed my attention. Until then it never occurred to me that there were people so interested in historical processes that they would re-create the process because they were enamored with the result. In the late '81 I learned of Dr. Green selling Hanfstaengl carbon materials. I bought his book and some materials and started. Along the way I flirted with platinum, but carbon is my main interest. The digital revolution has removed most of the commercial lab services that I used for making my contact print negatives. 4 years ago I moved to 8x10 so I could use "in camera" negatives for printing. Now with the completion of my 8x20 I believe I've found my niche in terms of format.

The "why" question is probably the most difficult. There are 2 reasons (for me):
1. The prints are unique, very beautiful(well maybe not mine), and have texture.
2. Since the process is more laborious then silver printing, it causes me to be more selective and requires a contemplative approach.

I hope some of you jump in with similar stories. (I did not find a thread like this in the archives)