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When did you start?
Polaroid transfers since highschool. Platinum prints three years ago, when I signed up for the first Alternative Prints Print Exchange.
How did you get to where you are today?
Through fumbling and bumbling. I shoot 99% slide film and transparencies and was looking to expand printing beyond Ilfochromes and Polaroid transfers. Then I took a workshop in ambrotypes two years ago at http://www.Gallery44.org in Toronto, Canada. I was hooked since I can make these directly from my slides / transparencies. I've taken another workshop with France Scully Osterman and also bought "all the books" on alt processes and read them all. Sort of. Plus I went to http://www.AlternativePhotography.com and learned a lot - even became a forum moderator there. Their forum isn't so active or so behaviourly challenged, so it fits in with my lack of play time.
What process is your main interest and activity?
Platinum, Polaroid transfer, ambrotype.
Why do you do an alt process?
I enjoy making them.

Regards, Art.