A Agfa Rondinax would be just fine - everything you need to process a roll of film on the street,
available in 120 (Rondinax 60) and 135 (Rondinax 35U) for a dime or two (really, I paid 1EUR for my
35U at ebay.de).

It is a daylight loading tank, you won´t need a changing bag, no thermometer, no scissors, it is very
economical (150/200ml developer!).

I love my 35U and use it regularly, but messed up a film when trying to figure the 60 out...

A hair dryer on the road? NEVER trust the electric installations, even (or especially?)when using a
camping place it is a safe guarantee to bust a fuse!

No, there is room enough in a Westfalia VW bus to install a small drying cabinet - we had a small
cabinett in ours, take out the boards, install a hanger, done. Or hang a Jobo Mistral drier into the
roof - I guess you have that collapsible top on your bus? You don´t need the fan, just hang the
"plastic bag" up there and the film in it, it will keep the dust from the film.

Are you going to try standdevelopment on the Autobahn? ;-> Movement is sufficient to wash clothes, so
it might be good for a roll of film - we usually throw our clothes in a plastic container (our
"moroccan washing machine"), fill it with hot water and soap, close the lid and after 300km the
clothes are clean.