When did you start? I started in PtPd about a year and a half ago, may be a little more.

How did you get to where you are today? I took a workshop with Carl Weese in PtPd, and then spent about a year bumbling around with different films, developers, developing methods, until today when I find myself getting consistent negatives and asking fewer dumber questions.

What process is your main interest and activity? I most like PtPd.

I am interested in experimenting this winter with tri-color gum, or maybe just getting started with gum. Have thought about it for many years, and this may be the winter. I am also interested in finally getting a decent Epson printer and learning how to make digital negs that work. I am getting tired of lugging around my Kodak Masterview 8x10 for portraits.

Why do you do an alt process? I like the permanence. I like it as a reaction to the 'everyone with a digital camera is a photographer' environment. I like the look--long scale, fine detail from in-camera negs, subtle transitions in tone. I like the contemplative aspect of large format work, and especially what it does to live subjects...they sit still. I realize this is a contradiction of the point above, but life is full of contradictions.