Hi all,

Thanks for the comments and encouragement! Our exhibition opened on Sunday night just gone, Sept 19th.

We were particularly delighted that the exhibition was opened by Harry Moore, pinhole photographer of note, and the very warm, informative and encouraging speech that he made. See http://www.harrymoore.net/exhibitions.htm for examples of Harry's work.

Some photos of the opening are now posted on our website - http://corkap.blogspot.com/

The show will run until Oct 18th at Brew Cafe, which is on Paul St. in Cork - near the back of Waterstones. The cafe is lovely, so if you are living in or visiting Cork, drop in for a coffee and a look.

Mel, cheers for asking about membership. At the moment we are very small and new, and the group has been set up after we all met at a night course in the Crawford. So no plans to extend membership at the moment - but it is something we have discussed. In the meantime, as you just live down the road, we must hook up for a pint!!


PS best of look to all of you exhibiting in Dublin this week