I am but a recent convert, initially the result of economics: a friend has a photo lab and would outsource my B&W developing to the nearby pro lab then scan the negs to CD for a nominal (shout a beer) fee. I got a bit the hell in with paying $10 a throw for a 120 roll so started thinking about doing my own developing. I had been doing a little LF stuff with type 55 which I very much enjoyed, but it was becoming pricey, and rumours of its demise were starting to circulate. This moved me into the DIY path. Darkroom stuff outside of a change tent was just not going to happen in my house, but in bringing my brain back up to speed on developing and stumbling over things like pyrocat I found unblinkingeye and alternatephotography. Thereafter it was cyanotype and toning which is where I have stayed and am now slowly moving up the formats as well.
I am never going to be anything special in the world of photos or art, but I enjoy the feeling of following in a long tradition, and as others have said it is also the whole LF/contemplative/start-to-finish process that I enjoy.