During the, oh noes! film and paper is disappearing scare a couple years ago I wondered if it would be possible to make prints using nothing but digital equipment. I had been interested in trying gum bichromate for a long time, The Scare just pushed me into doing something about it. I bought some chemicals and paper to try my hand at it with the intention of learning how to make tricolour gum prints and, along the way discovered another process called gumoil. I found gum bichromate too fussy and, quickly abandoned it for the gumoils.

Then, I saw someones work with dry plate. I bought a quarter plate camera and, started coating plates with liquid emulsion. The inevitable happened, I saw my negative do that magical thing where the light bounces off the surface just right ... I'm now in the process of getting everything together to do wet plate collodion.

Everything I've learnt has been from the internet or, books I've purchased. I'd give my eye teeth for a wet plate workshop on the West Coast though.

I'm a process junkie. I get just as much enjoyment out of smearing and rubbing paint on paper or, coating plates under a red light as I do looking at the final result. Maybe more so. It satisfies my need to make things with my hands in a way working in a darkroom doesn't do.