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I haven't read the article, but from this brief description I think this is a crafty move on Leica's part - they've taken a number of cameras (at least temporarily) out of the used market, thus keeping demand high (and possibly pushing some people to a new camera if they can't find what they want used - at least in theory), while also generating a tax write-off (assuming they're doing this through a US company - not sure how this applies to a European company if at all). This is in addition to all the goodwill this generates.
To quote Andreas Kaufman, CEO of Leica, in the article:
"We didn't have any remaining inventory of these classic models... so we had to buy them discreetly at online auctions, attracting as little attention as possible so the prices wouldn't skyrocket. Despite our best efforts, the prices did go up, and it took us over 18 months to acquire 20 M4-2 and M4-P models in excellent condition. All were completely reconditioned at Leica USA in Allendale, New Jersey, and fitted with new 50mm f2.5 Summarit-M lenses." (Shutterbug 10/08, p. 145)

They spent $50,000 on this "crafty move." As you imply, the price of used equipment did indeed rise, so maybe you are right. But that sounds to me like a pretty small dark cloud compared to a big silver lining for RIT and analog photography in general. If this results in more student photographers committed to film photography, then I hope Leica does indeed profit from its craftiness.