Hi Tex,

I've never been in a photo group before in my life, so cannot say anything about elitist attitudes in Cork!

The truth of the matter is that we set up this group in May '08, and we really are taking it one step at a time. The first step was to hold an exhibition, and this happened far quicker than we expected. We are delighted with the response we got to the exhibition, which will now run for a month.

So now as a group we are four months old and the original 8 members are in place. We have opened an exhibition, and have to decide what we want to do next. This group may keep going, or it may fizzle out. I'm hoping, and expecting, that we will keep going. If so, we will at some stage in the future accept new members. In the mean time, we are more than happy to meet anyone who wants to meet us, go for a pint, talk photography, discuss ideas, and see what's around the corner next. It's all one big exciting learning curve.

Incidently this "elitist" Cork photography group of 8 has a member from Galway, another from Waterford, one from Wicklow, two from Cork, one from Latvia and one from Kilkenny (um, I think - Jim?). Meself, I'm a Dub. We all live down here though!

Cheers for the good luck, and best of luck also to everyone exhibiting in APUG Ireland's exhibition this week