Because of your wording, I thought you were just recommending me in-production cameras. It confused me, so I posted that...Then I read the page, and read about the finder...thus my edit.

I feel somewhat foolish...I'll probably end-up selling off my F100 and 35mm f/2. The F100 is so much more "advanced" than the R4A, yet I find myself wanting this manual-focus camera more. I'm crazy and I really need to stop focusing on equipment and get out and shoot. (Then again, I have a really bad cold and am stuck inside for the time being.)

(Also, I'm beginning to doubt my manual-focus abilities. I find it nearly impossible on my F100, but extremely easy on my Pentax K1000. Does my camera suck (less likely), or do I suck (more likely)?)

Also, how does the R4A let you know your shutter speed in A-mode?