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I guess I must be a little nosy. I'm interested in everyone's history with alt processes; my basic questions are:

When did you start? How did you get to where you are today?
What process is your main interest and activity?
Why do you do an alt process?

I hope some of you jump in with similar stories. (I did not find a thread like this in the archives)

I started reading about the process in 2004. I read "The New Platinum Print" and after trying the Ziatype for a while early in 2005, I took a class from Kerik Kouklis later that year.

The process that is my main interest is pt/pd.

I do an alt process because 1) I was tired of having to pay for someone to make my prints for me and 2) I have no darkroom.

However, I still have to pay if I want a b/w silver print made for me.