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The thing about the focus indicator is that I feel like it defeats the purpose...When I want to use manual focus, I want to use it because it is faster, or it lets me focus on something not on an AF point. Using my brain can sometimes be faster than selecting an AF point, even if I'm in MF.
I've set the f100 so the AF-L button just starts the AF and leaves it alone otherwise. The AE-L button locks the exposure on first tap, unlocks on second. They're all custom settings. And the shutter button just turns on the meter. This way I can point the central focus blot at what I want in focus, tap the AF-L button, re-frame the shot and press the shutter. If I need to fiddle the exposure, re-frame and tap the AE-L button, then re-frame again and shoot: focus will still be where I left it. I don't shoot action with that camera so this works real well.