There has been some talk of outings for making photographs before and after the actual event on Saturday afternoon. I am going down Thursday and staying in Wimberley. Although I live elsewhere now, San Antonio is really my home town, and I don't mind visiting any chance I can get.

So, if there is any interest, I wouldn't mind being more or less the "guide" on Friday for a photo excursion to shoot the San Antonio Missions, or the Riverwalk, or the West Side Murals. OR, I'll take a few people around the area to shoot some historic churches, a la the Texas Church Project. OR, I'll go with a group to one of the area state parks. OR ...

SA is about 50 miles from the Canyon Lake address (+/-). Fredericksburg is about 60. Some of the state parks are a bit closer.

Anyway, just soliciting interest.

(I was going to Galveston the first half of that week, so my plans are sort of flexable ...)