I'm Alyn, from North Wales, UK, been into Photography just over 2 years now, I confess to shooting Digital, but am a big lover of film. Inhereted a Zenit 12xp just after starting photography and it took off from there really.

I primarily shoot 35mm but have a huge love of Polaroid 600 (yes, I'm upset about it's impending demise), and I've just baught myself an old Halina AI so I'm about to venture into the world of medium format.

I own and use the following cameras mostly:

Nikon F50
Zenit 12xp
Chinon CS (currently broken, dodgey shutter)
Ricoh 35ZF
Polaroid SX-70 Alpha
Halina AI

I'm yet to have a go in a dark room simply because I've never had the chance, it's not for want of trying.

I got invited to this forum by Sandeha via Flickr.com and I should be attending the meet in Anglesey in a couple of weeks.

That's me in a nutshell I guess.