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Alright! That's progress! You gotta fill me in on the steps you took, in order, to disassemble that thing. Maybe mail me some pix or sketches of the process.

Of course I have all sorts of questions:

How did you get those two screws loose inside the camera - a short, stubby screw driver or one with a flexible shaft? Or, was the plate held by 2 screws that were on the top under the leather, one on each side of the cocking leaver?

Did you take out the 10 screws on front and remove the front plate?

Was there any difficulty in taking the lens shaft and hood loose or is it just a simple matter of removeing (or loosening) the screw on the bottom of the shaft and removing the tensioning lever on the top of the camera. Does the shaft juse come out then (once you have either removed the lens from the bellows of brought the bellows out with the lens and shaft?

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you. Anyhoo, I bought a dead 4C from Bill McBride, and that will provide me with a camera on which I can practice disassembly. Still, I'll gladly take any info and advice I can get to help me to minimize mistakes.

I have my ball peen hammer, vice grips, skil saw, porta-power, and other tools ready to do some camera repairs!!

Well, the key was I had a torn bellows so I was able to get some access from the front (maybe removing the bellows first on your camera would give you access). I also used a needle nosed pliers to loosen one wood screw I could not reach with the screw driver.

I took off the top tensioning lever first, then the screws for the top plate and then the screws at the bottom of the shaft. I then had to take off the rear lens hood. After some wiggling the bottom plate and the top plate came out. Pretty straight forward. The shaft and lens are dangling from the leather.

I did not remove the front 10 screws. I tried months age but stopped when it became difficult to get all of them out. Now I have more incentive; I need to find a piece of leather to replace the bellows.