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Folks, I just got the word on another patent related to the Panoram. It is #1,023,933, entitled "Film Winding Key For Cameras", dated Apr. 23, 1912. It shows a rather complex winding mechanism with an anti-backlash system consting of 3 little metal balls and a cam they they jam to prevent backward turning of the winder. The important thing about this is by knowing how this mechanism is built, one won't open it up blindly, only to watch the tiny balls and their tensioning springs go flying about the room, never to be found.

There is nothing specific to the Panoram in this design, so this winding mechanism was probably used on other Kodak cameras as well.

So, we now have a 3rd patent in our file on the Kodak Panorams. For late comers to this thread, the first 2 patents, covering the basic camera and the swing lens mechanism are #689,159 (Dec 17, 1901) and #693,583 (Feb 18, 1902).
My take up knob does work in only one direction. I have no plans to disassemble it; it seems to work fine.