Thanks, Frank, for dragging that stuff over here where everyone can read it. There is definitely some good disassembly info that I will use this weekend when I tackle the "beater" 4C. I'm gonna tear it down, play with the pieces, put it back together, tear it down, play with the pieces, put it . . . ad nausem. I want to do it enough that I learn how to do it in my sleep.

Now, that old dog has a winder that is stuck tight and I don't want to try to force it lest I destroy same. Therefore I plan to completely disassemble the winder, clean all the parts, lube as needed, and reassemble it. I don't know if it is the new type winder (see patent #1,023,933) with the tiny balls & springs, but just to be safe, I will take it apart as carefully as 2 porcupines making love!

As for the bellows, I am going to try making one with a piece of chamois leather . . . it is super soft and flexible (about like silk) and should dye easily to a dark brown or black.

I need to track down NOLARon and get him to move his PM's over here, as he just took his Panoram apart and has a bunch of ideas and lessons learned, too.

In the meantime, there are always Panorams for sale on FleaBay (3 on there today) . . . sometimes they are misplaced as "panorama" or "panoramic", so don't look for them only by searching for "panoram".