Diolch yn fawr, cheers everyone, seems there is a good spread of people from around the world then, but nice to see a fair few of you have some connection to Wales, eispecially our northern part.

Hi to all of you from B.C., it's a beautiful place, I have family there, in Vancouver and Victoria, was out there last year.

I'm from near Conwy town, although I'm about to move to Chester untill christmas. Got a teaching placement in Llangollen, I'm doing my teacher trainnig in Aberystwyth this year.

@arigram: My name is pronounced Al-in, not entirely sure of it's origins, I know there's a river in Deeside called "Alyn", most people assume it's of Welsh origin, I don't know. My parents picked it because they liked the Welsh name Alun (pronounced Al-in) but hated the way english people pronounce it Al-un, from that I asume it to be an English phoenetic adaptation of the Welsh name.