...it went fairly well. I learned a little about the process as well as my equipment. However, I do have some questions. I used Fotospeed LD20 and both Fotospeed paper and Fomatone MG FB glossy (no filter on the Fotospeed paper and a #2 on the Foma). I followed the directions and mixed 485ml water/15ml part A and 485ml water/15ml part B, though I did double the recipe to make two liters of developer. My exposure times were in the neighborhood of two minutes at f5.6. Development times were approaching 15 minutes. In the end, I achieved prints that look like every bit like lith prints, but I did not ever experience what seemed like infectious development. I had to pull the prints because they were getting dark in the highlights. Was I overexposing and then not getting to the point of infectious development? If so, I am concerned about not getting enough highlight detail. Any thoughts? Also, I noticied slight faint areas in the center of the initial prints. I thought this might be a hot spot from the long exposures, so I began exposing in shorter bursts and allowing the bulb to cool between bursts. Seems to have worked, but on second thought, wouldn't a hot spot be darker? Anyone else have this kind of experience? I'll post them tonight. Thanks.